PANG Industrial™ is headed to Lexington, Kentucky April 28-May 1 to participate in Coal Prep 2014!

Stop by Booth #2409 to meet our friendly team and learn more about how our products can be used in the coal mining industry, specifically:

Underground Applications
PANG Industrial’s nonflammable Pangofol Cement, MSHA-approved Panglag and MSHA-approved Panguard rubber products are designed for underground work where nonflammable and flame-resistant materials are required.

Wear Prevention and Containment
Our Industrial Rubber products offer wear prevention, corrosion prevention and chemical containment

Pangit Cold Vulcanizing Rubber
Pangit A&B Compound is ideal for repairing belts and filling seams in rubber tank linings, chutes, hoppers, and pipelines.

Email to set up a meeting at Coal Prep 2014, or swing by Booth #2409 to learn how we can keep your business rolling!