PANG Industrial will soon introduce a new product to its repair lineup: PANG A&B Strip Rubber.

PANG A&B Strip Rubber (Product Nos. 130A and 130B) will provide a fast, hands-free solution for belt and rubber lining repair.

Used with PANG Heavy Duty Solution or Blue Maxibond Cement, this product reduces labor cost and repair time by using an extruder gun to mix the rubber repair compound.

  • Excellent for belt and lagging repair, and for filling rubber lining seams
  • Clean process, no hand mixing
  • No wait time for solvent evaporation
  • Cures to 50-60 Shore A hardness
  • Up to 18-month shelf life
  • Cleanout rubber (130C) avaialble for extruder gun
  • 5 – 1lb(.453kg) rolls per box