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Underground Applications

PANG Industrial’s nonflammable Pangofol Cement, MSHA-approved Panglag and MSHA-approved Panguard rubbers are designed for underground work where nonflammable and flame-resistant materials are required.

Wear Prevention and Containment

Our Industrial Rubber products offer wear prevention, corrosion prevention and chemical containment.

Pangit Cold Vulcanizing Rubber

Pangit A&B Compound is ideal for repairing belts and filling seams in rubber tank linings, chutes, hoppers, and pipelines.
To learn more about how PANG can be used in your business, contact us.

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Rubber Cleaners

TECH™’s Rubber Cleaners are formulated to remove the unpleasant dirt, grease and discoloration that builds up on your rubber and tire trim. Make your tires look as good as new!

Vulcanizing Fluids & Cements

Our signature Fluids & Cements are the perfect combo with the TECH™ Chemical Repair Unit products, and provide the best vulcanization for your repair needs.


TECH™ helps you with all the essentials for sealing a tire, from the sealants you’ll need, to the tools that will help fix any flat

Sealing Tools & Premium Tire Sealant

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TECH™ Chemicals

Preserving quality equipment takes a quality lubricant. TECH™ Chemicals is your go to for making sure your tools last forever and never stop working on the job.

TECH™ Hand Cleaners

Our hand cleaners provide the perfect blend of sanitizing, unscented and citrus scents needed for after the job is done.