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Fast, Easy Belt Repair – No Special Tools or Equipment Required

PANG Industrial EZ-Flex Splice Mechanical Belt Repair System

In need of a fast, easy belt repair you can install with ordinary tools? Look no further than EZ-Flex

  • EZ-Flex Mechanical Belt Splices are easy to install using ordinary tools from around the shop.
  • Minimize downtime and get back up and running fast.
  • No complicated templates or pre-drilling required.
  • Versatile – install in hard-to-reach areas and/or extreme weather conditions.
  • Works with belt scrapers.
  • Abrasion, cut and heat resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (204 degrees Celsius).
  • Available in moisture/oil resistant, bare back and FDA Approved food applications.

Ready to order? Fill out the form below and a PANG representative will help get you the right size EZ-Flex Splice for your repair.

mechanical belt splice for converyor
PANG EZ Flex Order Form

EZ-Flex Measurements

Please provide as much information about the belt you will be repairing you have available. 

Optional Photo Upload

Sometimes it is helpful to have some photos of the area you will be splicing. Use the upload buttons below to select photos from your PC or smartphone. 

Need to recess your EZ-Splice to sit flush? Check out our 3 preferred methods for skiving rubber

In order to work with some conveyor systems and belt scrapers, it may be necessary to skive an area of the belt and recess the EZ-Flex system to sit flush with the cover layers. This quick video shows our three preferred methods for skiving conveyor belt material.

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