About Us

PANG Industrial keeps your business rolling with products for conveyor belt repair and maintenance, and machine protection.

Used all over the world in industries from mining to food processing, PANG products are designed for repairs, protection, bonding, pulley lagging and belt fabrication.

PANG Industrial is based in Johnstown, Ohio and is a member of the National Industrial Belting Association (NIBA) and is a NIBA President’s Club awardee.

PANG Industrial History

PANG was founded in 1926 in Hamburg, Germany by Herr Fritz Hesselbein. Hesselbein is credited with developing a cold, chemical rubber vulcanization process in Europe in 1919. Hesselbein’s PANG product line included tire repair and belt repair products.

In 1955, PANG established a successful sales and marketing operation in New York City and in 1964 acquired a portion of U.S.-based Truflex Rubber Company, taking total ownership by 1971. Truflex had patented the first semi-cure tire repair in 1932 and supplied many major companies, including the U.S. Army.

In 1998, Johnstown, Ohio-based Tech International acquired Truflex/PANG. Established in 1939, Tech International is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of tire repair, wheel service and rubber products. In addition to the PANG line of industrial repair and bonding products, Tech International produces tire repair and wheel service products, marketed in 96 countries under the TECH and Truflex/PANG brands, as well as several private label brands.